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Buyer Warranty Information



One Year Warranty (Defects in Workmanship/Material)

During the first, year Royal Kingdom warrants the home from workmanship and/ or materials defects as defined by the TRCC, if any is identified. We will work with homeowners to resolve these types of warranty issues as quickly and professionally as possible.



Two Year Warranty (Mechanical)

Second year extended warranty covers the mechanical equipment in the home including central heating
and air conditioning systems, the electrical system, water supply system, and the sanitary sewer.



Ten Year Warranty (Structural)

During the first ten years, Royal Kingdom assure that your home will be free from Major Structural Defects, as the foundation system, load bearing stud walls, floor joists, beams, rafters and trusses.



As a registered home builder with the state of Texas, Royal Kingdom makes every effort to provide the homeowner with a home that complies with or exceeds the warranty requirements and also provide the quality, safety and comfort.

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